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Infologic Named Partner in Smart Manufacturing Institute Awarded by President Obama


IRVINE, CA – June 23, 2016. Infologic is part of a winning coalition, named by President Obama this week, to lead a new Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Institute based in Los Angeles, California. This institute is designed to bolster advanced manufacturing across the United States. The award brings over $140 million in public-private investments and will focus on advanced technologies such as advanced sensors, emerging manufacturing technology platforms, and energy saving controls.

President Obama, keynote for this week’s SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington DC, echoed the Summit’s theme of “The Innovation Advantage”. It was during this keynote presentation that the President announced the award for the Institute. “Since 2014 we’ve opened eight cutting-edge manufacturing hubs,” said President Obama. “Today I’m proud to announce a ninth hub based in Los Angeles that will design smart sensors to make all types of manufacturing more efficient.”

“Innovation within the advanced manufacturing field aligns with Infologic’s mission to research and develop manufacturing innovation and technology transfer models”, said Mr. Has Patel, President of Infologic. “Infologic joined this Institute to assist in measuring maturity of advanced manufacturing technologies, and facilitate the transfer of the technology developments to manufacturers”.

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