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Rethinking Manufacturing Innovation

Press Release

 Rethinking Manufacturing Innovation :

A Methodology-based Approach


IRVINE, CA. Oct. 03, 2014 – Manufacturing Day (link) – Infologic announced today a set of methodologies, called Manufacturing Innovation Agenda to assist the advanced manufacturing enterprises which face challenges in transitioning R&D and emerging technologies in their commercial products.

The latest United States Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing (link) states that “The acceleration of innovation for advanced manufacturing requires bridging a number of gaps in the present U.S. innovation system, particularly the gap between research & development (R&D) activities and the deployment of technological innovations in domestic production of goods”.

“Due to lack of resources, the small and medium manufacturing enterprises even face more challenges,” said Mr. Has Patel of Infologic. “They fail to transit emerging technologies in commercial products. It may result in loss of markets, profitability, and even future viability. The Manufacturing Innovation Agenda (link) is designed to address this national innovation gap.

This Agenda (link) consists of three inter-related methodologies: (1) iModel which is an innovation management model to develop innovation culture, (2) TechIP – a four-stage process to develop emerging technologies plan, and (3) InnovaTE  – a technology transfer model to successfully transit R&D projects and emerging technologies in commercial products.

One of the important components of this Agenda is a workforce development syllabus, called eSTEM, which will engage the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) professionals to innovate by teaching them the 21st century innovation enabling skills. These skills include innovation models, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and strategies to leverage the U.S. innovation ecosystem.

These methodologies also incorporate well-established technology management tools. For example : (a)  Aerospace & Defense sector’s Manufacturing Readiness Analysis (MRA) which measures the maturity of emerging technologies as they mature from R&D to Production, and (b) Gartner Group’s Technology Hype Cycle analysis which assists enterprises to develop emerging technology road maps.

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Infologic, based in Southern California, focuses exclusively on Innovation Management thru research, consultancy and emerging technology integration. It helps R&D organizations and advanced manufacturing enterprises which face challenges in transitioning R&D and emerging technologies to commercial products.


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