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We hope you find our Innovation blogs useful. These blogs focus on the “Art and Science of Innovation Management” .

Latest Posts

The following are selected papers and presentations, delivered at R&D and Technology Management events.

  1. “R&D Projects and Technology Due Diligence: NASA/DoD Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) Analysis” – UC Irvine Applied Innovation Center, December 2015.
  2. “Manufacturing Innovation Model” – Manufacturing Day 2015 Presentation at the UC Irvine Institute for Innovation, October 2015
  3. “Successfully Transitioning R&D and Technologies to Commercial Products“– Aerospace & Defense Forum, November 2014
  4. “ Innovation Model for DoD S&T Program” – NDIA/SPAWAR Executive Forum, May 2014
  5. “The Creative Destruction of Defense S&T Program” – 14th NDIA Science and Engineering Technologies Conference, April 2013
  6. “Reinventing Defense Innovation Ecosystem: S&T Program to Innovation Program” – 15th NDIA Systems Engineering Conference, 2012
  7. “Competitive R&D Processes, Metrics and Practices” – Institute of Management Consultants, Southern California Technology SIG Meeting, Oct 2010
  8. “S&T Portfolio and Performance Maturity” – 12th Annual National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Systems Engineering Conference, Oct 2009
  9. “Open Innovation and Technology Maturity Analysis” – 2nd DOD Technology Maturity Conference, September 2007.
  10. “Assessing Technology Readiness and Maturity” – A Step-by-Step Process” – Management Roundtable Seminar, March 2007.
  11. “Technology Evaluation Cycles and Technology Maturity” – 1st DOD Technology Maturity Conference, May 2006.
  12. “TechIP: A Methodology for the Emerging Technology Insertion and Integration” – 24th Army Science Conference, November 2004

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Press Release : IRVINE, CA. JUN 23, 2016. Infologic Named Partner in Smart Manufacturing Institute Awarded by President Obama

Press Release : IRVINE, CA. OCT 3, 2014. Rethinking Manufacturing Innovation : A Methodology-based Approach

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