The logical approach to harness Innovation
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Our take on Innovation…

To address the challenges of  the 21st Century, we have taken a broader approach to Innovation.  We define :

 “Innovation is Multi-disciplinary Radical & Evolutionary R&D into materials and non-materials based Products, Processes & Execution models that incorporate enterprise innovation strategy platforms and Analytics”.

Using the above definition, the following figure depicts an Innovation Management model ( iModel™), and associated matrices. The iModel™ has three components – (a) Innovation, (b) Strategy Platforms and (c) Analytics.

iModel™ – Innovation Management Model

Multi-disciplinary Innovation means collaborative R&D efforts by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), and HUMA (Humanities and Social Science) professionals.

Platforms are Enterprise-specific and designed to support a given enterprise’s Mission.

Analytics are necessary to ensure that R&D Investments produce desired outcomes.

Radical innovations result from the original thinkers who test the boundaries of human knowledge by reaching the Sky!

Evolutionary innovations are basically technology development, integration and maturity processes. They can be either incremental or spiral development. In incremental development, the end-state requirement is known, and the requirement will be met over time in several increments. In spiral development, the desired capability is known, but the end-state requirement is not known at program initiation.

Innovation August 19, 2014